View Full Version : historic convira paper, ansco

Raymond Bleesz
7-Apr-1998, 11:18
i have a large quantity of convira 10x20 b glossy single wt. #4 paper dated 1947 still wrapped in military waxed paper with order number, contract # and stock # , unopened. the paper was made by ansco in binghampton, n.y. facility. for wha t purpose was this paper made? i suspect perhaps for aerial photos, stero--10x 10's. anyone have the specific answer. thank you.

Tony Brent
27-Oct-1998, 23:20
I suspect it was used for contact printing 9 x 18 inch aerial negatives on the b ig contact printer like we used to use on the aircraft carrier.

I trained to repair the big camera, but I have forgotten the type number.

Most of our film and paper was made by Ansco.

I served aboard the USS Coral Sea, CVA 43 from 1971 -- 1972. Photographers Mate 3rd Class.