View Full Version : Technical Pan usage

bob moulton
29-Feb-2000, 14:56
Can anyone suggest starting points for developer times/iso for using 4x5 technic al pan in landscape and natural light portraiture? I have used it for extreme e xpansion--times when the meter needles barely moves - and have excellent results when using it in TmaxRS, Fg7 or even D-76. But my attempts at using the ilm und er N or N+/- 1/2 situations have crashed and burned. I like the clarity of the n egs but have yet to master using the film in any but extreme circumstances.

Rob Tucher
13-Mar-2000, 17:25
I use it a lot with tungsten doing macro work. I develope in Kodak Technidol LC (liquid concentrate) and rate it at 64, because it is a very red sensitive film. It is faster under lights with a lot of red. For daylight I find that 20 or 32 is about right, in Technidol LC in a Jobo for 7 minutes at 70*. Start there. I don't think you can effectively get N- in any useable way but N and N+1 are attainable. But I don't work this way much so this is only a starting point.