View Full Version : I have a Lens and i don't know how much its worth.

14-Mar-2006, 15:30
Will some one please tell me how much a Type I Kodak Aero-Ektar Lens 12in. (306mm) f/2.5 9x9 Re826

Ralph Barker
14-Mar-2006, 15:34
One of the best ways to check market value is to search closed auctions on eBay.

Ernest Purdum
14-Mar-2006, 16:52
That lens doesn't sell often enough to really establish a price, Condition is, of course, very important for any lens. The problem with the larger Aero Ektar is that it is a very specialized lens. It is very fast and covers a large format but there is little need for a lens of those characteristics. As the name indicates, the lens origfinally did very good work assessing bombing damage to enemy factories and other targets. It might be of some use in astronomy, I don't know. Some people would like to have it as a collection piece because of its military connection or simply as an unusual lens.

One way to determine the value for sure is to put it up on eBay. If two people want it, then it has value.

Frank Petronio
14-Mar-2006, 16:56
If you hit the forums and "talk it up" for a week or two, then you can double the price on eBay. My Brand X 300/6.7 is so wonderful and has a beautiful creamy bokeh... yadedah

It's just like the stock market!

So, I've tried the 172 Aero Ektar - I bet that 300 must really have short depth of field!

Walt Calahan
14-Mar-2006, 17:07
Ain't worth a thing if you don't use it!

It really has no value if no one wants to buy it from you.


Jim Galli
15-Mar-2006, 10:09
Put it on Ebay and you'll know in 7 days.

Michael Alpert
15-Mar-2006, 11:02
"If you hit the forums and "talk it up" for a week or two, then you can double the price on eBay."

Frank, tell us more about how you "hit the forums."

When I clicked on "Dan," I found no information about this person. Perhaps he has another name and is doing what Frank suggested. I hope this forum is not becoming cluttered with people who have little agendas. They're like mice.

In the discussion a while back about the latest View Camera mistakes, I noticed that there were people like "Dan" (or at least one fellow with the identifying initials jft or something similiar) who had a lot to say. These people, or their non-names, suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappear.

I'm not sure what the solution is, but this problem makes the forum far less attractive. These non-entities are not worth helping if only because they don't exactly exist.

Michael Alpert
15-Mar-2006, 11:13
Now when I tried "Dan" again, I found a hotmail address listed, if that means anything. I realize that there will be one-question contributors here. But with that said, I still am puzzled by all the silly subterfuge on this forum.