View Full Version : wetting agent for color film

Mike Boden
14-Mar-2006, 12:59
I'm a little lost at the moment. Basically, I've got some color transparency film that I need to wash, and Kami film cleaner isn't doing the best job to get out the water spots. So I'm planning on soaking the film in water, and I was wondering if there is a specific wetting agent I should use. I'm used to using Photo-Flo for B&W processing, but it states on Kodak's website: "Not intended for use as a replacement for stabilizers or final rinses in color film processes." So what do I use? I've never processed my own color film, so I'm not familiar with the chemicals. However, I do see Kodak has "E-6 Final Rinse for Color Slide Film". Can I simply dilute water with that, let the film soak, and then hang to dry?



Juergen Sattler
14-Mar-2006, 13:22
Hi Mike, I use the E-6 Final rinse and it works great for me. Just a minute or so with agitation and your film should be spotless.

ronald moravec
14-Mar-2006, 13:36
E 6 chemicals can be purchased separately. Don`t know what is in final rinse, but they undoubtly changed it because the original had formaldahide in it. There is a wetting agent included.