View Full Version : UV filter for color film in Yosemite

Ron Marshall
13-Mar-2006, 07:50
In three weeks we'll be heading to Yosemite. My first visit to a national park. I'll be shooting color neg and pos. I have standard UV (0) filters, that I only use when shooting at the beach or in very dusty locations.

The valley is about 4000 ft, and we won't be much higher, since most of the high trails will still be snow-bound. At that altitude should I use a 2B filter to completely attenuate the UV, or is there not enough to have a noticable effect?

steve simmons
13-Mar-2006, 08:17
The film you use will have much more effect on the color than will such a filter.

steve simmons

David Roossien
13-Mar-2006, 08:33
Most UV filters don't do very much. This is a good read:


13-Mar-2006, 08:57
Use it. It won't hurt, and might occasionally help. Also, a carefully used Polarizer can often cut down on the contrast by eliminating specular highlights from reflected surfaces, and make it easier to print.

Jack Flesher
13-Mar-2006, 10:14
Personally, I would add an 81b if you shoot E6 and print it conventionally. If you shoot C41 or scan and print digitally, the color shift is of little consequence and can easily be compensated for during printing.

I've shot in the valley a *lot*, but Keith has shot there even more and can probably add more value than I. My .02 is that much of the area on the floor is lit by light reflected off the granite faces of the rock -- especially this time of the year when the sun is still relatively low. Add to this you will have a lot of snow bouncing light around and it is going to be pretty blue, hence the 81b recommendation...

Regardless, you a re sure to have a great shoot ;),

George Stewart
13-Mar-2006, 11:41
The valley might be a little too low for The Tiffen 2A, but not if it's overcast.

Keith S. Walklet
13-Mar-2006, 15:41
I carry a very simple filter pack. 81A, 81B, Polarizer and a 1 and 2-stop grad ND. They seem to provide all the correction I need.

None of my lenses have a UV filter on them. Charlie Cramer, OTOH, carries a broad selection of color correction filters, and uses a Minolta color meter to calculate proper color correction in the field.

I was just there last month and was very pleased with my results. Should be pretty. Flowers in the foothills on the way into the park, some waterfalls if it is warm, ice if it is cold, and always the possibility of snow.

Ron Marshall
13-Mar-2006, 15:59
Thanks very much to everyone for all of your responses. One less thing to consider when shooting. I'll bring my 81B, 2 and 3-stop ND grads and polarizer.