View Full Version : Mounting Sinar DB Apo Ronar 480mm f11 in copal 3

11-Mar-2006, 18:23
I just bought an Apo Ronar 480mm f11 MC mounted in Sinar DB (sn: 106XXXXX). Of course, I found a sticker: "Sinar mounted and adjusted." Can this lens be mounted in Copal #3? I always thought that apo ronar 480mm is f9, why did sinar make it f11?

Ernest Purdum
11-Mar-2006, 20:42
Rodenstock made the 480mm Apo Ronar in both f9 and f11 versions. The only difference apparent in their listings is that the f9 available in Copal 3, while the f11 was listed for the Compur 3, and the Prontor Professional 3.

As to whether it can be mounted in Copal 3, the S.K. Grimes peopls may know and, of course, if you cared to send them the lens for a trial, they could supply the answer for sure.

11-Mar-2006, 23:50
I have the same lens - mounts directly in a Copal 3. The maximum opening on the Sinar DB board seems to be what made it f11 instead of f9 - perhaps they wanted to match the Compur 3 spec.


Bob Salomon
12-Mar-2006, 05:37
The f9 and f11 are the same lens. The reason one is slower then the other is because one shutter has a smaller opening then another shutter.

18-Nov-2006, 09:08
I was about to mount this lens on copal #3, but I saw a shim between the front cell and sinar db-mount. Is the shim required on copal #3?

Ernest Purdum
18-Nov-2006, 11:06
Regarding the shim, the best way to be sure about this sort of thing is to have a machinist put the original mount on a surface plate and measure it with a height gage. The new mount can then be checked to make sure it is the same and, in your case, whether or not the shim should be in place.

22-Oct-2011, 00:41
I have a question, How mach image circles of Sinar DB Apo Ronar 480mm f11?:confused: