View Full Version : Nikon 90mm f4.5 - step up with filters?

paul owen
10-Mar-2006, 14:54
Hi. Just wanted to ask a couple of questions of those of you using the Nikon 90mm f4.5 lens. I understand that it accepts 82mm filters on the front, but is there a need to use a step-up ring to allow clearance of the front element and prevent any attached filter coming into contact with the lens? The reason I ask is that I have found that this is necessary with the 110XL and other wide lenses. I was thinking of a step-up to a 95mm filter? Also do the B+W Extra Wide filters allow greater clearance or just wider diameter? Thanks. Paul

Armin Seeholzer
10-Mar-2006, 15:20
Hi Paul

I use the center filter directly on it but very seldom anyway. But it depens also a bit on the Filter himself. On my Nikon 90 f 4,5 the lens is around 2,5 mm back in the middle. But of course I never would put a thick Pola Filter on it without step op because it would very fast make a vignetting if you have to shift and tilt.

Ben Hopson
10-Mar-2006, 15:38
Paul, I use B&W 82mm filters on the 90 4.5. I checked clearance by placing a small piece of lense tissue on the front lens element and screwing a filter on. The paper clears the lens glass.

Herb Cunningham
10-Mar-2006, 20:04
I use the lee wide angle lens shade/filter holder. No problems as of this date. Lee's polarizer is a square piece 100mm.

I don't do color, so no center filter, doesn't seem necessary.

Diane Maher
10-Mar-2006, 20:47
I also use the 82 mm wide angle adapter for my Lee filter holder. I don't shoot much with a polarizing filter though.

paul owen
11-Mar-2006, 01:52
Thnaks for all the replies!