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Robert Skeoch
10-Mar-2006, 13:35
I enjoy shooting LF, but I love printing it.

I'm just up for air from the darkroom. It's 3.30pm and time for tea.

There's nobody home, I can play my own music. I've left the phone upstairs.

I'm printing 8x10 b&w on a 8x10 cold head enlarger using Galerie #3.

I don't think it gets better than this.

This is what I've always loved about photography.

-Rob Skeoch


10-Mar-2006, 14:25
As good as it gets!

Eric Rose
10-Mar-2006, 14:32
don't forget the good single malt scotch!!

Richard Ide
10-Mar-2006, 16:52
Is there a bad single malt scotch? ;<)

Ralph Barker
10-Mar-2006, 16:58
A good day is when you awaken. Spending the day in the darkroom makes it excellent.

Henry Ambrose
10-Mar-2006, 17:28
You don't have to rub it in , do you?

; >)

12-Mar-2006, 00:10
"don't forget the good single malt scotch!!"

and don't forget which tumbler is the scotch, and which is the developer ...