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Aender Brepsom
10-Mar-2006, 12:41

the best working aperture of the Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 4.5/55mm is f 8-11.
I understand that the lens is at its best within this range of f-stops and I am aware that f 11 will already give a large amount of DOF on 6x9 cm film.
However, what is the performance of this lens at f 16 and f 22? Would I see a noticable degradation of the sharpness and/or contrast due to diffraction or does it still deliver almost the same excellent image quality?
Are you using this lens at f 22? What are your experiences?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards

Armin Seeholzer
10-Mar-2006, 13:08
Hi Aender

I did the biggest mistake in the beginning because of not using f 22 because I had not enough DOF in a picture. After 4-5 years with this lens i do also use f 32 if needed and I'm happy with it.
I'm always using at least f 16 f 11 is almost only useable on flat things!
Don't take it to serious they are just confusing people with this statement, but they are theoretically right every modern good lens is sharper at f11 then 16 but its not by much.
Test it used it!

Steve Hamley
10-Mar-2006, 14:18

I also use the 55mm Apo Grandagon and confirm what John said.

Diffraction doesn't cut sharpness nearly as much as being out of focus.


Glenn Kroeger
10-Mar-2006, 14:26
Ditto John and Steve... I use it principally at f/16

10-Mar-2006, 14:30
Don't even think about the difference.

Emre Yildirim
10-Mar-2006, 17:58
I use it mostly at f/16. Looking at the MTF charts, it seems that the lens performs better at f/16 than it does at f/11 (even thought Rodenstock suggests a working aperture of f/8-11?). The light fall-off is less at f/16, at least that's for sure.

Here's a recent picture I took at f/16:


Everything is dead sharp, except the edges of course...and even those are still pretty good. I shot that without a centerfilter.

Steve Hamley
10-Mar-2006, 20:23

I take it you like your new acquisition?


Emre Yildirim
10-Mar-2006, 21:15

I love this lens. I even bought a fancy red cable release for it, to signifiy its 'specialness' in my photo bag :)

For urban landscapes, it's fantastic. I was expecting much more severe light fall-off, but with B&W film it's barely noticable at f/16. I also like its small size and weight. I'm not even sure if I can buy a Schneider lens ever again (although I'm sure I would've been pleased with the 58 SA XL as well).

Armin Seeholzer
11-Mar-2006, 02:00
Hi Emre

Attention Emre since I have also the 47 XL from Schneider I do not use the 55mm very often!
Thies is a very dangerous virus which can reach also you and you have not any chance to handle it without buy the 47 XL!

Aender Brepsom
11-Mar-2006, 08:27
Hello again,

thanks a lot to all of you! These are the answers that I hoped for!

Now, I just have to find a used Apo-Grandagon 55mm ...


Emre Yildirim
13-Mar-2006, 03:09
JohnArs - Fortunatly my main camera is the Toyo 45AII. I don't think it will focus with a 47 SA XL (and if it does, I'm sure the bed will be in the picture). I think the 55mm is wide enough for pretty much anything.