View Full Version : Forte sheet film

Erik Ryberg
28-Feb-2000, 20:34
My supplier says he can order a sheet film made by Forte. It's quite inexpensiv e, 40$/25 sheets of 8x10. APX seems no longer to be available in this size so I 'm mulling over going back to Arista or trying this out. Has anybody else used this? I wonder if this is the same as the Bergger (sp?) film I have read about somewhere? Thanks.

28-Feb-2000, 21:21
Hi Erik, how's it going over on that side of the mountains? You must have shot up the last of the Agfa there; I haven't seen in any Glazer's for a long time. Do you think the 8*10 Arista is the same as Ilford? I just ordered a box of Arista, 400 ASA 4*5, normal emulsion. That was a couple of weeks ago. They were out of the 8*10 at that time. How do you rate Arista? full strength or half speed? As far as that goes, do you figure gaining two stops gives a person any advantage when you take the increased grain into consideration? Cheers, David