View Full Version : Please help with Sinar "behind the lense shutter"

Martin Miksch
9-Mar-2006, 14:50
Just got an older Sinar "behind the lens shutter" and I cannot find out if its working or not. Seen from the front, in the lower right corner there are three interlocks, what I think, the middle is for a flash, the lower one is for that "auto-close-the-shutter-when-filmholder-is-inserted" and the upper oner seems to be for a cable release. The lower one works with the proper cable installed, but I cannot fire the shutter. I dont have an orignal Sinar cable release, maybe this is required?

Mark Woods
9-Mar-2006, 15:04
Hey Martin,

You need a Sinar cable release. The throw on the plunger mechanism is enormous compared to other cable releases. Get one and then test it. There was a discussion about this shutter awhile back. You might want to look it up. It was about cleaning or fixing the shutter.

Kind Regards,

9-Mar-2006, 15:19
When I got mine, it did not come with the cable release. To test it, I used a straight steel wire ~1.5mm diameter to push into the shutter cocking-release hole. It worked, the shutter fired. With that wire I measured the required length to cock and fire the shutter, it needs 36 mm throw. So I went to a used camera equipment shop, and I found an old cable release that had ~31 mm throw, however, the cable screw thread did not catch the sinar shutter thread. My Nikon cable release screws into the sinar nicely, so I did some cutting and soldering to replace the screw of the old cable with the one from the nikon cable, and protrude the pin ~5 mm to get a full 36 mm throw. Now I have a working cable release for my Sinar shutter for less than $20.

Standard disclaimer apply, I'm not responsible if you damage your sinar shutter. :)

Martin Miksch
9-Mar-2006, 16:12
Mark and Rob, thank you for quick and knowledgeable replies, I tested it now with a cuttted small nail and it didnot work, but thanks to Robs exactly lenght describtion I used additional a small screwdriver and wow, it worked.

And its not dammaged^^