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Jack Leonard
28-Feb-2000, 19:48
I am new to large format (4x5) and have just purchased a camera and I just picke d up a Graflex 6x9 "23 Graphic" roll film holder. Can anyone experienced in the use of these holders take me thru the film loading and unloading procedure? The cover hinges to the left and you can remove the whole roller assy. There is also a 1-8 frame counter. How can I tell if that is working? I will be grateful if a nyone can give me a few pointers. Thanks Jack Leonard

John Lehman
29-Feb-2000, 22:11
To test the mechanism, with the unti out of the shell, advance the film counter by twisting it to just past the "S". At that point you should be able to pull the advance lever and watch the takeup roller advance and the counter increment. There is a catch you need to puch just to the left of the lever to release the mechanism each time you wind. After the counter passes 8, it should wind freely.

To use, insert the roll "upside down" in the left hand side so that it will unroll counter-clockwise. Bring the paper around the front black side out, and attach it to the takeup roller (right side). advance the film until the arrows on the roll are just about to unwind. Put the shell back on and advance the counter to "S" as above. Wind on until the counter is at 1, and you are ready to go

Alec Jones
29-Feb-2000, 23:44
Get a manual: http://www.pacificrimcamera.com/catalog/fq11.htm

6-Jun-2002, 11:22
The same back came with my Speed Graphic. After running a dummy roll of film through it, I was shocked to see how amazingly unflat the film plane is. Looks practically useless. The newer style is supposed to be better, I guess.