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Ron Marshall
9-Mar-2006, 13:48
How difficult is it to mount a barrel lens on a Sinar copal shutter? Can I do it myself? What is the largest lens that it would take without vignetting? Would a 600mm f9 fit?

Ted Harris
9-Mar-2006, 14:39
First off I assume you mean a Copal shutter mounted on a Sinar board, not a Sinar DB shutter system. The answer is it depends. First I can't think of any 600mm barrel lenses that will drop directly into a Copal #3 shutter which is almost certainly the shutter size you would need. Second, whether or not it would vignette is a factor of the size of rear element of the lens v. the size of the shutter. You can find some useful information on both mounting possibilities and shutter sizes at the SK Grimes web site, www.skgrimes.com. It is not likely a project you would want to undertake your self unless you are a fairly accomplished machinest and have some reasonably accurate measuring tools.

Another question is why you would limit yourself to a Copal shutter unless you already own one. Large barrel lenses often mate better, at least in terms of utilizing the maximum opening in older shutters such as an Ilex #5. You would save money with one of these shutters too.

To give you some cost information. A new Copal #3 shutter will cost you between 350 - 450, you can find them used in the 250 range and sometimes a bit cheaper. You are often better off buying a beater lens just to get the shutter. A #5 Ilex may come your way for not much over 100. That is just the starting point however, the cot of getting the mount machined is not trivial. As a rough measure, some years ago I had Steve Grimes mount a 480mm Apo Artar in an #5 Ilex for me. The cost was $250 and I supplied the shutter (that is a 7 year old price too).

Other options to consider arae front mounting the lens on the shutter, and that you might be able to do yourself; or, use a Packard shutter.

Exact information ont he lens under consideration will help you get a more definitive answer.

Pete Roody
9-Mar-2006, 15:10
There is a Japanese company (Sparrow) that makes a machined ring that connects lensboards to both sides of the shutter. You attach the barrel lens to one lensboard and the other lensboard attaches to your camera. It will support a 600mm lens but looks rather bulky. Maybe you could have SK Grimes make a similar device. For a picture, see:


Ted Harris
9-Mar-2006, 15:50

That looks like a Sinar DB/Auto Aperture Shutter sandwiched between the boards. Is that correct and if so will the attachment fit a standard Copal shutter or do they make one that will do so?

Armin Seeholzer
9-Mar-2006, 16:01
Hi Ron

The Sinar Copal behind the Frontstandart and behind the lens shutter is quite easy to use if you have a Sinar. If I remember correct the opening diameter is around 70 mm and I use for example the 610 APO Nikkor in front of it without vignetting. The lens has to be mounted thad it does not go more then 14 mm behind the Sinar board.
I also use it with my huge 360 mm Universal Heliar also no vignetting.
I saw also somewhere in the internet sombody which adapted it to the front of a Deardorff and also to use a 610mm APO Nikkor lens.
Hope it helps, Armin

Ron Marshall
9-Mar-2006, 17:39
Ted, thanks for the response, but I should have been more specific. What I have in mind is what Armin is referring to.

Thanks Armin, the 70mm and 14mm measurments are what I needed. I didn't realise that the Sinar shutter mounts behind the lensboard with the lens attached to the board. That makes much more sense than what I had in mind; the lens mounting to the shutter.

Armin Seeholzer
10-Mar-2006, 03:14
HI Ron

Just mesured it and it has an opening diameter of 85mm in the front but gets smaller at the blades after the deep of 14 mm it has only a diameter of 75mm.
And one more thing to it you need the original Sinar kablerelease!
Hope you understand my clumsy english!

Ron Marshall
10-Mar-2006, 16:32
Thanks very much Armin for all the help. Your English is fine.