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paul owen
6-Jan-2000, 16:35
I have just purchased a Horseman 6x9 roll film back for my LF field camera. But I have a problem / question !! How do you compose on the GG to ensure that the c omposition corresponds with the 6x9 frame ? Is there a mask or overlay that can be placed on the focussing screen with a 6x9 cm aperture ? I have never seen one advertised here in the U.K. but I cannot be the only one using a 6x9 roll film back with this problem, can I ?? With thanks, in anticipation, Paul

Robert A. Zeichner
6-Jan-2000, 19:26
Many gg's already have the 6x9 markings etched into them, along with 6x7. The Calumet roll film holder I bought used came with an acetate overlay that you could use with gg's that don't have these markings. What I would do is get a piece of clear acetate at an artist's supply store (they can be bought by the sheet). Take your horseman back and trace carefully, the aperture (film opening) onto the center of the acetate with an extra fine sharpie. Just some corner marks might be all you need. Then, use a straight edge to make some small crosshairs in the center by laying it across the diagonals. Now, just measure out to the edges and cut your 4x5" overlay and apply to the gg using the crosshairs to align with the ones already on the gg. Attach with some clear tape at the corners.

Bill Glickman
6-Jan-2000, 20:40
Just a comment, Rob, that was very clever!

Doremus Scudder
7-Jan-2000, 08:27
If you use the roll film back exclusively: Black construction paper, scissors and tape. If not, omit the tape. Regards, ;^D)

Jim Blecha
7-Jan-2000, 19:25
I often make GG masks from old scraps of matte board cut similarly to Robert Zeichner's response. If you are careful, you can cut the outside dimensions such that your masks can be held in by the friction of the edges (against your camera's back).

Lightware in Denver, CO (lightwareinc.com) also makes a complete set of plastic masks for Sinar, ARCA and one other make I can't recall. Some are listed as slight blems available on their website at a very attractive rate. Those are secured by "plastitac" a putty-like material.

Good Luck!