View Full Version : printing with a VC head.

Don Cameron
7-Mar-2006, 15:19
I have just aquired a Orental VC Head, and I have a simple question.

I am testing a lot of papers in trying to find a cold tone paper I like, but the manual does not say what settings to use when using a graded paper, instead of VC papers.

With my Chromega Color heads, I just lift out the filter pack, and use white light, but don't have a clue for this chore.

Don Cameron

7-Mar-2006, 15:28
No white light setting?

The only thing you'll lose is a bit of time if you use the filters with graded paper. That is you'll have longer exposures.

Eric Woodbury
7-Mar-2006, 15:48
Don, isn't this light a green/blue coldlight affair? If so, is there a way to run both tubes at full max? That's what you'd like. If not available, try full blue. It is the brighter of the tubes and best fits the paper's sensitivity.

BTW, be careful. I understand this product is no longer serviceable. Alternatively, I have found the Aristo V54 and filters to be very workable and fast.

Michael Rosenberg
7-Mar-2006, 18:20

Do you have the Oriental cold light head? I had this type of head years ago, until the tubes went. The electronics are great, but the voltage stabilizer tends to burn the tubes out quickly. As Eric suggested you would print with full blue light. I do not see an advantage over a dichroic diffuser head for printing graded paper.

These heads were made by ZBE, and they no longer make enlargers/light heads. The head is no longer serviceable, but should you need it serviced check with Jenson Optical as they do service ZBE dichroic heads. Jens Jenson is extremely good and very detailed.