View Full Version : Is the Jobo 3010 Drum(10 4x5 Sheets) Discontinued?

Andre Noble
6-Mar-2006, 18:09
I don't see this drum Jobo 3010 anywhere on the B&H site or else where. Anyone know?

Ted Harris
6-Mar-2006, 18:14
Still listed on the JOBO USA website

Mark Carstens
6-Mar-2006, 20:43
Check with Freestyle Photographic Supplies. Here's s direct link...

www.freestylephoto.biz/sc_prod.php?cat_id=&pid=5618 (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/sc_prod.php?cat_id=&pid=5618)

They also turn up used on occasion at an auction site that shall remain nameless or the APUG classifieds.

Juergen Sattler
6-Mar-2006, 21:09
Also, check here: http://www.cambridgeworld.com/Jobo_Darkroom_Accessories/jobo_3000_system.htm

Andre Noble
6-Mar-2006, 21:55
Mark and Juergen, thanks for the effort. Freestyle looks promising. As for CW, I wouldn't pay for anything from Cambridge World, personally speaking, until they placed it in my hands first.

Oren Grad
6-Mar-2006, 22:07
Anyone who stumbles across this thread and is considering doing business with cambridgeworld.com should plug "Cambridge Camera Exchange" into the search engine linked below and read the result:

www.newyork.bbb.org/reports/businessreports.aspx?pid=44 (http://www.newyork.bbb.org/reports/businessreports.aspx?pid=44)

Andre, Calumet still shows a catalog number for the 3010 online - perhaps they could order it for you.

Brian Ellis
6-Mar-2006, 23:33
"They also turn up used on occasion at an auction site that shall remain nameless "

Why shall it remain nameless? Is the nameless site really ebay? I think you probably do mean ebay but I'm puzzled as to why, if you mean ebay, you don't just say ebay. It's not illegal to say "ebay," it's not immoral to say "ebay," and it's not unethical to say "ebay" (assuming, of course, that one means "ebay" when he or she says "ebay"). So if you mean ebay you can just say ebay, it's o.k.

Juergen Sattler
7-Mar-2006, 05:17
Sorry - had no idea that Camebridge had such a bad rep. I just googled for Jobo 3005 and they came up and seemed to have everything Jobo on their website. I never bought from them, so I have no experience.

Steve H
7-Mar-2006, 06:48
Let me second the warning against Cambridge. They are HORRIBLE. I ordered a jobo 2551 from them. Two days later, I still had not gotten an email from them stating that they had my order. So I called and it took 35mins on the phone to straighten it out. At the end of the call, they told me that everything was in order, and there wouldn't be any further issues. Three weeks later, still no item. So I call them and they tell me it is on back order. I ask how long has it been on back order, and when do they expect it in ? They state that it has been on back order for 8 weeks, and they expect it in 'any day now'. I ask why did they neglect to tell me that it was on back order when I placed the order ? They state 'did you ask ?'. I cancelled my order, and will never order anything from them again.

Mark Carstens
7-Mar-2006, 07:08
OK, Brian... ebay. There, I said it and I'm glad :<)

Anthony B.
13-Apr-2006, 08:10
Andre, Re-check B&H and search "JOBO 3010", shows as in stock.

Andre Noble
19-Apr-2006, 23:13
Indeed it is. Thanks.