View Full Version : Precautions using Super Angulon 65mm F8

Steve Bell
6-Mar-2006, 16:27
I've have had a Schneider Super Angulon 65mm F8 lens for some time now, but never utilised it for 4x5. Now that I have prepared the recessed lens board and bought a suitable flexible shutter release extension, I'm having the lens service before using it. It sticks on the lower speeds. My query is, will this lens vignette using a Cokin P holder, and will I need to drop the bed and raise the lens proportionally to keep the front of the bed out of the image? I know I have no room for movements.

Steve Bell
6-Mar-2006, 16:31
Excuse the grammatical error in the above post, it should start "I have had...

I'd be using the lens with a Toyo 45A.

Dan Fromm
6-Mar-2006, 16:32
Um, Steve, which camera are you putting it on?

FWIW, I use a 65/8 Ilex (designed and made in Rochester, very much like the 65/8 SA) on a 2x3 Speed Graphic. It makes infinity on the camera. The bed must be dropped, and once dropped is out of the frame so no front rise is needed. The same should be true of a 4x5 Graphic, if that's what you have.

Ralph Barker
6-Mar-2006, 18:21
Steve - I have a 65/5.6 SA that I've used on a Toyo 45AX with a recessed board. You will need to drop the bed, as Dan mentioned, recentering the front standard afterward. You may end up with a small amount of rise, but not much. I can't be of help with the Cokin filter rig, however.

Eric Rose
7-Mar-2006, 09:36
I have used the SA 65f8 on both a Wista field camera and a Linhof Tech IV. In neither case did I have a recessed lensboard, which probably would have been useful. The coverage is just fine and as you mention the movements would be minimal. When using the Tech IV I do not have to drop the bed.

I have the Cokin P system but just hold the filters in front of the lens.

7-Mar-2006, 20:21
I use the 65 on my old Calumet with 22" bellows. Need to run both standards way up front and stand way off to the side to keep the monorail clear. It is easy to get yourself or your shadow into the imgae on 4x5. Dont know about the P holder, I always used screw in filters or hand held gels.

Larry Kalajainen
10-Mar-2006, 09:25
I don't know what size lensboard the Toyo takes, but if it's the same size as a Linhof Technica or Wista, you shouldn't have to drop the bed.

You might want to look at the lensboard Wista makes for wide angles. It's unlike any I've seen, and you don't have to have either a flexible shutter release cable adapter or fingers the size of a two year-old to manipulate the lens settings. It's a flat board with four inch-long posts at each corner and another flat piece on the end of those posts, with a large hole in it. The lens is mounted on the back board. The sides and controls are open, while the lens "sees" through the hold in the front plate. Pretty slick.

I don't know where you can get them here, but I bought mine from Robert White in the U.K.