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4-Mar-2006, 10:04
Why is it that I cannot see any attached images on my PC machine at work but at home on my Mac I can? Is there something I can do in properties at work so I can see the images?

mark anderson
4-Mar-2006, 10:14
in internet explore go to tools/internet options/advaced

scroll down to mutimedia and make sure "show pitures" is checked

Craig Wactor
4-Mar-2006, 21:54
macs are better. face it ;o)

5-Mar-2006, 11:50

It didn't work. Any other ideas?

This would not be a problem, people post pictures in this site and I like seeing them.

I completely agree. But I have no choice at work.

Scott Schroeder
5-Mar-2006, 12:07
If you are using internet explorer maybe this will help.
Go to the 'links' button and click "toggle images.exe"
I think that is a standard doohicky in IE these days.

Ken Lee
5-Mar-2006, 14:56
There are other, better browsers that will run on Windoze, like the Firefox brower. It's free, and has plugins available that make it quite nice. I use it on Windows, and Camino on the Mac.

See Firefox here at http://www.mozilla.com (http://www.mozilla.com" target="_blank)

Their email client, Thunderbird, is also great.

5-Mar-2006, 18:11
don't want to start a browser war but firefox is riddled with bugs, especially in the DOM which is what gives access to DHTML. This is why firefox developers always recommend not using javascript. They claim the faults are with IE but they are not. This is also why there are such frequent releases of firefox. Just take a look at bugzilla to see for yourself how ridlled with errors firefox really is. Have you tried accessing paypal from firefox? Looks like paypal couldn't give a stuff about firefox.

I suspect your problem is more to do with your firewall at work. You are talking about attachments but its not possible to attach anything to posts to lfpf. You embed http links to where the images are. If your work security system doesn't like serving up images from different domains than the web page is coming from, such as ads, or images, then it may block them. This could be a firewall or it could be some of the security settings in IE. Either way It looks like the security is working even though you don't want it to.

5-Mar-2006, 18:36
That could be it, rob, They won't let us down load educational movies either, and this is a school. Oh, well.

9-Mar-2006, 15:25
rob, I access paypal through Firefox all the time, no problems at all? The only problems I have with Firefox is the inability to see pictures on certain sites, but even that is rare... One example is Amazon.com when you bring up a book to view, it does not show the images, yet IE does. After using Firefox for a year, I have been very happy with it, however, recently it has been crashing a lot, maybe I need to go find an upgrade....

9-Mar-2006, 15:41
when I goto paypal from firefox the text doesn't display properly. it wraps over the headings.
This is as much a fault of paypal as firefox but it just serves to illustrate the problems of multiple browsers on the market.