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Richard Schlesinger
3-Mar-2006, 17:20
I have tried all the ways I can think to find the answer to this question - I know it's here,but where?

How to read MTF curves? In some detail

Ralph Barker
3-Mar-2006, 18:10
In my book, MTF curves are sort of like Revelations in the Bible. You really don't want to read them. ;-)


3-Mar-2006, 18:48
they're actually not as horrible as they first look. i think it's easiest to get with someone looking over your shoulder pointing things out, but these resources are pretty good:


http://www.normankoren.com/Tutorials/MTF.html (a bit more dense)

the schneider link ralph posted is also very good.

if these make your eyes glaze over one of us might be able to help.

i like mtf curves ... you could go to your grave never having heard of them and have no regrets, but i find they clarify some things about optics that used to be mystifying. and also i might be a geek.

3-Mar-2006, 21:48
Paul: Might? :-D

3-Mar-2006, 22:03
stop teasing, ken, you made me spill my ear medicine all over my keyboard.