View Full Version : Schneider gave me a new lens!

John C Murphy
3-Mar-2006, 08:22
I sent my Schneider SSLX80 back to Badger Graphics for repair and they sent me back a brand new lens. Has anyone else had this experience?

Al Seyle
3-Mar-2006, 08:36
What was wrong with the lens orig. lens? Did they make any explanation as to why they were replacing it?

John C Murphy
3-Mar-2006, 09:13
I had sent it back for the problem that commonly affects the SSXL80's, namely, haze on one of the inner elements.

Bruce Watson
3-Mar-2006, 09:29
Customer service rare these days, is it?

erie patsellis
3-Mar-2006, 17:32
Gee, wonder if they'd replace the 360 componon sitting here on my desk with major seperation in the rear element....


Ralph Barker
3-Mar-2006, 18:14
That's great news, John.

If I send them a broken 75mm Tominon, would Schneider send me a new 80mm SS SL? ;-)

Seriously, hats off to Schneider for doing the "right thing".

Andre Noble
4-Mar-2006, 03:32
Somebody let us know when Schneider has fixed the manufacturing defects in their 80XL lens for good.

5-Mar-2006, 02:18
It is really rare to see photographic manufacturers accepting the fact, that they can also make errors. I am in the buisness, and I have only encounted it twice - and both times was this year. canon recalling theur new EF 24-105/4,0 L IS and Nikon reaclling a battery EN-EL3A.....
Everytime we have had problems with other products we have been met with astonishment...-"we dont understand" - "we´ve never saw this before" - "are you sure"...etc etc or blaming everyone else.....in very few cases the company has accepted an error in a more serious way than just warrranty repair.
If you search our archive on the SS80XL you will find several examples of the 80 as being a little bitunstabil. It is made by Schneider, but the glass manufacturer, I think it is Krauss, has huge troubles with the glass sort for this lens....it is constantly on backorder.
I just got mine in Alpa mount.....it looks perfectt until now...

Herb Cunningham
5-Mar-2006, 19:31
I sent my Nikon 90mm f4.5 off to have them replace a chipped rear element. They estimated the cost, $190 I think,
but would never send the dern thing back. After 4 or 5 months they said sorry, and sent me a new lens.

I hate to see them quit the field.

George Ward
7-Mar-2006, 22:44
About two years ago, after using this lens for a few images, I too noticed this haze inside the glass element. It is doubtful that there would be any degradation of image quality, but it would certainly affect the resale value. So I sent it back to Badger right away and received a new lens from Schneider. I have to agree, this was a good example of outstanding customer service.