View Full Version : Aperture/Iris Scale Collection Web Page?

Landrew Gomes
2-Mar-2006, 19:43
Hello all,

I just aquired a Schneider Symmar 5.6/135mm Convertible 12/235mm.
I purchased it on ebay, unfortunately, it came with a 5.6/150mm / 16/450mm scale (what lens is this?)
Scale has serial #0011.013

It also has a couple lazy shutter blades. So, I bought a new copal 0 for it.

I am asking if anyone has the scale for this lens.
If so, Can it be scanned actual size.

What I have done in the past was print the scanned scale on transparency inkjet paper, back it with a white surface and screw on! Works like a charm!

I'd like to start a collection of older lens scales.
I would also consider putting up a page for access to them.

I feel this would be a great resource for the large format community.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Richard Schlesinger
3-Mar-2006, 16:28
Just curious - but you bought a new shutter because of a couple of sticky blades?