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Daniel Taylor
27-Feb-2000, 11:12
anyone who owns the Schneider 110mm XL, must have noticed how close a filter com es to the optic. actually, it is so close, that I haven't been placing any filte r on, as the filter thread length may allow the filter to rotate on the glass. i t is just too close to call, so I bought step-up rings. after my bout with paran oia, I was down at the pro photo store and heard some discussion regarding custo mers who had not noticed this, and scored the glass on the lens as the filter ro tated against it. how do others deal with this, or is the clearance greater than it looks? it is just too easy to hit the glass, without something protecting it . been living dangerously, for the sake of optical clarity, but know my time is limited before some disaster befalls me.

have been looking at the 150mm XL, and wondering if the same concern exists.

Natha Congdon
27-Feb-2000, 12:40
I am told by Schneider same problem exists with 150. They recommend a special wide-angle filter costing ca $400, 6 week back-order, which, oddly enough, I have not yet bought. I don't do enough color that it really matters, and will probably mount gel filters for B + W on the rear.


Mark Windom
27-Feb-2000, 13:34
I just bought a new 110XL and when I opened the box there was a label fixed to the inside of the top flap that says: "IMPORTANT Super Symmar XL lenses require B+W Extra Wide Filters. Use of any other filter will damage front element."

Since I already have 82mm filters I use them with this lens and a 67- 82 step-up ring. I looked at the extra wide filter that Schneider recommends for this lens and it appeared to basically be a 77mm filter in a 67-77 step up.

I haven't had much opportunity to use this lens yet but what I've seen so far has been outstanding. I replaced a 90 and 120 with the 110 and don't think I will ever regret it.

Daniel Taylor
27-Feb-2000, 14:12
thanks. yes, I do love this lens. I went the 67-77mm step-up route with a cheaper Hoya neutral and UV0 filters. my aviation work has consistently presented me with applications where the 110mm is too wide, and my 210 is too long. the 150mm looks to be a good compromise, and I have been quite impressed with these XL lenses that allow for 5x7 and limited 8x10 coverage.

Paul Schilliger
27-Feb-2000, 15:49
Daniel, I have this lens and thanks for the warning! There was no warning and no notice of use when I purchased mine. I guess this is what the 700$ supplementary cost of the US versi on is about. Can someone tell me what is the back filter mount about and if it can be used as the front one would be? Also has anyone tried to use the 47 XL center filter on it? Thanks!

Robert A. Zeichner
27-Feb-2000, 16:03
I've been using 52mm B&W's on the rear and they seem to work great. I haven't had need for a center filter and so can't comment on that issue..

Masayoshi Hayashi
28-Feb-2000, 16:37
For 150mm XL, you can use LEE FK100 (Foundation kit 100mm). The snap on diameter of the front lens is 100mm. The base plastic guide you put before stacking layers of filter guides makes some room between the filter and the lens.

Trevor Crone
29-Feb-2000, 19:12
I do not have the 110XL but have had similar problems with the 47XL. I use an ol d Hoya 67mm filter with the glass removed as a spacer ring with required filter attached to this. However there is a risk of cut off with this lens on 4x5. Heli opan (W.Germany) produce slim line filt ers, one of these would prove useful with the glass removed as a very slim space r ring. These cost about #25 new in the UK.

Bob Salomon
1-Mar-2000, 07:24
Frequently the possibility of filter glass contacting the lens can be eliminated by using Heliopan filters. We place the glass closer to the front of the rim then B+W does as we have longer male threads on our filters. This has eliminated the "bottoming out" problem that occurs with B+W filters.

However when using wa lenses the use of either wa filters or a step-up ring is good practice. Heliopan's brass stepup rings are among the thinnest in the industry so they aid in putting the filter into focus which frequently happens with wa lenses and thick fily=ters and rings.

Heliopan normally supplies all filters in thin rims as their standard rim.

Richard S. Ross
3-Mar-2000, 20:51
How thick are the rings on Heliopan filters? In particular I would be interested in the polarizer, 81 series and UV (of course).

Bob Salomon
3-Mar-2000, 21:14
Heliopan slim rims are designed not to vignette with 21mm or equivalent lenses.

The slim polarizer does not have any front threads but the other slim rims do so snap caps and hoods can still be used.

As to the actual thickness we would have to measure them. What size filter are you asking about?