View Full Version : Converting 5x4 roll film backs to 6x9 fitting

28-Feb-2006, 05:40
I have both Horseman VH (6x9 rollfilm holder fitting metal field camera) and

Horseman FA (5x4 international roll film holder fitting metal field camera).

My 5x4 international roll film holders are Wista's, in 6x9 & 6x7 formats.

The 5x4 holders seem to be simply the 6x9 type with a plate screwed on to adapt to the international back. Is this the case? and could I unscrew the 5x4 plate from a holder and use the roll film holder on the 6x9 Horseman VH?

I have examined these closely, am capable of measuring focal plane registration accurately and am carefull with tiny screws etc.

The rails needed for location on the 6x9 camera are clearly visible on the holders, but what will I find under the 5x4 plate when I remove it?

Has anybody done this before and is this the case with other makes of roll film international backs?

Thanks for your help