View Full Version : Experience with HP-5?

Doug Paramore
28-Feb-2000, 10:30
Anyone using HP-5 for scenic and other outdoor photography? I haven't used it in years and would like to consider it. I am currently using Tri-X and understand HP-5 might have a bit more speed and that it is a very smooth film. Would like to know favorite developers and will it develop well in HC-110? Most of my prints are 11x14 with an occasional 16x20. I print with a cold light head on variable contrast paper. Thanks for any input. Doug

John Hicks
28-Feb-2000, 12:47
In comparison, HP5 will have a slightly straighter curve shape (brighter highlig hts).

Try D-76 1:1, Xtol 1:1 EI 400, and Microphen or DD-X EI 640. IMHO best overall is D-76 1:1.

Brian Ellis
28-Feb-2000, 17:06
I use HP5+ almost exclusively for medium and large format work. For medium format (usually 220) I rate it at 200 and "normal" development time in D 76 1-1 is 10 minutes. For 4x5 I rate it at 400 except in an N-1 or 2 situation, where I rate it at 200, and develop in D 76 1-1 using BTZS tubes for varying times but "normal" is around 7 minutes. Temperatures for everything are 68 degrees.

Doug Paramore
29-Feb-2000, 09:43
Thanks for the input on HP-5. I am gonna try it again. I liked the film when I used it several years ago, but I had difficulty finding it locally so I stayed with Tri-X. I still love Tri-X, but it would be good to have another film to use. Doug

mike rosenlof
1-Mar-2000, 12:46
HP-5 (plus) is my usual film for all formats from 35mm to 4x5.

I normally shoot at e.i. 200. I develop in Ilfosol at 1:14 68 degrees. 12.5 minutes agitate 10/60 sec. for roll films, 10.5 minutes for constant rotation for sheets. Negs usually print well with no VC filter on a diffusion enlarger. Ilford MG-IV paper, usually FB, but not always.