View Full Version : Can I use D-76 Replenisher to develop?

brian steinberger
27-Feb-2006, 13:54
I recently stopped replenishing my D-76, and I still have one package of the D-76R powder left. I was wondering if I could mix this up and use it as regular D-76. Maybe there would be a difference in development times? If I can't use it, is there anyone out there who would like a free pack of D-76R?

Eric Woodbury
27-Feb-2006, 14:11
No. It only has part of the D76 in it: the part that 'wears out'. I've known people to try this accidently. You get a faint image. You could look up the two formulas and maybe add the difference, but it's not really worth the trouble.

Donald Qualls
27-Feb-2006, 18:48
Free is always wonderful, but I haven't used D-76 in a little over twenty years. Now, if that was HC-110 R, I might be tempted to make up a batch of Dilution B and stretch it a while...