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Dan V
26-Feb-2006, 18:46
Iím planning a 14-day vacation in the Southern Utah parks, specifically for fall photography, sometime between mid October and mid November. Hope to include at least Zion, Kolob, Bryce, Kodachrome, and Routes 9 & 14. I will be carrying a heavy enough load so will *not* be hiking the Narrows or Angelsí Landing or any backcountry overnighters; this should leave time to do more, shorter hikes.

Having a heck of a time deciding how many days to visit each of the above but must consider making reservations soon. Am I putting too much on my plate or should I be able to do justice to all the above during my two week visit?

Thinking of starting at the Kolob Terraces first then traveling clockwise ending up at Zion for a midweek stay. Want to avoid crowds, but is that possible is Zion? Whatís the trail traffic like in Zion Canyon after November 1st?

David Fisk
26-Feb-2006, 20:53
I've been to Zion twice late Oct/early Nov. Especially after the trams stop running, it's as if the entire park is yours before 9 a.m. or so.

Adam Kavalunas
26-Feb-2006, 21:06
The drive from Cedar City to 9 via 14 is beautiful in the fall, but colors usually peak in early october around there, lingering on through the month. Colors usually peak in the main canyon in Zion in the first-second week in november. I hiked the narrows the last week in october this year, the water was quite cold, no need to hike it then, save it for a return trip when you can enjoy it. In between those times, colors will be changing at different elevations. Not much to see for fall colors in Bryce, but sunrises are spectacular, especially at sunset point. I've only been to kodachrome on one occasion, but dont remember too many deciduous trees in that area for fall colors. One moderately long hike you might want to consider is the left fork of north creek. Its about 4 miles, but well worth the effort, especially the first week of november when colors are peaking in that area. Make sure you go with someone your first time. Hope this helps.

John Z.
27-Feb-2006, 09:59
How does it work with the trams and driving in Zion; are you allowed to drive to the sites at certain times of day or certain times of the year? My concern is getting my gear to some good sites for photos. I know that if you are staying at the Zion Lodge you can at least drive into the park.

Adam Kavalunas
27-Feb-2006, 11:12
The shuttle usually runs from the end of march through october and is the only option for zion canyon. November through march you can drive yourself up the canyon drive as far as you like. Everywhere else in the park is open for driving. I would suggest to come in from the east, very impressive.

Dan V
28-Feb-2006, 19:11
Thanks for your input.

"Make sure you go with someone your first time." Why, Adam?

Adam Kavalunas
1-Mar-2006, 12:09
The hike to the subway is relatively long, 4-5 miles, and there are numerous stream crossings probably over 20 total. Lots of places to turn an ankle, slip on wet rocks, and many other ways to injure oneself. As long as you are careful and take your time, you'll have no problems, but its nice to hike it with someone just in case. Its also helpful to go with someone who has hiked it before and knows the best route. I was lucky enough to be invited by a someone who's hiked it almost 10 times and it sure helped, as well as knowing some of the good shooting locations.