View Full Version : Camming telephotos for Technika

Ed Richards
26-Feb-2006, 16:48
The original literature for the Technika IV says it can be cammed for a lens up to 360, which I assume is a telephoto. I am wondering if it can be cammed for a 400mm modern telephoto with a flange focal length of about 260.

E. von Hoegh
26-Feb-2006, 17:51
Mr. Richards, I made some rough measuring on my STIV, to get a flange focal length of 260mm and have room for the infinity stop you must pull the front extension forward to the second notch. If this allows correct positioning of the 400mm infinity stop without interfering with any existing stops, it should work. Idoubt Linhof would do this but any good camera tech should be able to do it.

26-Feb-2006, 19:26
Is there room for a bigger cam than the one for the 360?

E. von Hoegh
26-Feb-2006, 21:52
Bill, I have a cam for a Tele Arton which has about 20mm clearance in front. A cam for a 400mm lens would be limited in its length by the bed, but I do not know if the absolute limit would be the cam or the available extension as regards close focussing.
To answer your previous question, I have not met Mr Glover but I enjoy his adds on ePay. I am posting under a nom de photographique because 1. My real name is Bill, two Bills would be confusing and2. I like Dagors and other Goerz things.

Ed Richards
27-Feb-2006, 05:38
I will check with Marflex or Ritter today and post the results. Since close focusing is not a big deal with a telephoto, I am only interested in mid and long distance focusing. I want to get a telephoto and am torn between the Fuji 400mm, which I like better, and the Nikon 360. I am not sure I really care about camming, but it would be a factor.

Ed Richards
27-Feb-2006, 07:47
Richard Ritter says he can do it.