View Full Version : Rear Mount Diameter, Nikkor SW 75mm, Nikkor W 210mm

Bob Reiman
27-Feb-2000, 02:01
I'm currently shopping for 75mm and 210mm lenses, and the Nikkor W & SW are stil l in the running. For my Horseman 45FA though, I have to be sure the rear mount diameter of any lens will fit through the small opening in the camera's front st andard. It's easy to find info on Schneider lenses (great website), but I can't find this kind of detail anywhere for the Nikkor's. Anybody have the numbers?

john costo
27-Feb-2000, 03:24
Bob, according to the Nikkor brochure I have, the rear mount size of the 75mm/4.5 SW is 60mm; the rear mount size of the 210mm/5.6 W is 60mm as well.

Robert A. Zeichner
27-Feb-2000, 09:32
It should work without a problem. I have a good friend with a Nikkor 210 and a Horseman 45FA and it clears with relative ease. Both lenses have 60mm rear O.D.'s

Bob Reiman
27-Feb-2000, 19:07
Thanks for the feedback. The opening in the Horseman's front standard is only 65mm - the same rear O.D. as Schneider's 75mm Super Angulon - so the Nikkor SW 75mm will be the lens for me.

Now if only I could decide between the Nikkor W 210 and the Nikkor M 200. The larger image circle of the 210 is very appealing, but it's also hard to overlook the significant weight advantage of the 200.


john costo
27-Feb-2000, 20:07
Have you considered the Fuji 210/5.6 CM-W? Or the Rodenstock 210/5.6 APO-Sironar N? I don't have the specs for either of these. I do use the Rodenstock 210/5.6 APO-S, which is large. I believe the N is smaller. As for the Fuji, they are wonderful lenses (I use the 300/8.5 C, a tiny sharp wonder). Contact Jeff at Badger Graphics for best prices on Fuji lenses.

By the way, I have the 75 Nikkor and you will love it.

Bill Glickman
27-Feb-2000, 20:26
Bob... I have the Nikor 75mm and I find the images it produces are the OK at best of my 7 lneses. Nikor makes a great 90, but their 75mm is not as good in my opinion. I would strongly consider either a Schneider or better yet a Rodenstock Grandagon at this focal lenght.