View Full Version : Toyo 45CF & 65mm lenses...do they fit?

22-Feb-2006, 19:50
I've scanned all the prior posts and can't be certain if a 65 lens is useable and can be brought into focus (infinity to about 3 meters) while remaining on the tracks (bed dropped) with Toyo's 12mm recessed board on their 45CF camera.

B&H claims that the 12mm recessed board works for lenses of 75-90mm. Toyo only mentions a 90mm with flat lens board in their specs table. The lenses I'd use would be a grandagon or equivelent from that other german manufacture in a slowish size.

Anyone with specific experience? I'm not to concerned with movement except for a small amount of tilt.


Emre Yildirim
22-Feb-2006, 20:38
That's weird. Adorama says it's for lenses 58-75:


B&H might have it wrong...

Sara P
22-Feb-2006, 20:51
The widest lens that I have used is the 90...the manuel that came with my CF said that was the widest it could go...but if someone can prove me wrong I would be happy to throw a wider lens on there myself...
Good luck!

Roger Scott
22-Feb-2006, 21:07
Sorry, no specific experience however my 45AII which lists similar limitations has some pretty squashed bellows with a 90mm lens on a flat lensboard. I suspect in order to use a 65mm lens you'd need to find a 25mm recessed board unless the wider angle lenses have a different design which allows them to focus at infinity at greater than their focal length (ie some sort of anti-telephoto design). Midwest Camera Exchange list a 25mm recessed board although I've no idea if they're still available.

Glenn Kroeger
23-Feb-2006, 06:43

I have used a 75mm on the 45AII with the 12mm recessed board. With that combo there is still some amount of movement available but the bellows on the CF are different. I would highly advise avoiding the 25mm recessed board if at all possible. Working lens controls and attaching a cable release with that board are excrutiating experiences.

Eduardo Aigner
23-Feb-2006, 06:59

Look: CF and a SA 75mm with the recessed. Not a single problem here.

Roger Scott
23-Feb-2006, 16:19
For those using 75mm lenses with a 12mm recessed board, once focussed on infinity (and after removing the 75mm lens so you don't accidently hit the ground glass) do you still have enough room to move the front standards back another 10mm? This will help provide Robert with some insight as to whether or not a 65mm lens will work.

Per Madsen
24-Feb-2006, 00:17
I have a Nikkor 65 mm and a Toyo AII. I use the 25 mm recessed board, but

you have to have thin fingers to work the controls on a Copal 0.

The bellows are quite usable, but avoid getting the camera bed in the picture.

Use the drop bed.