View Full Version : Fair Offer for a Lens

Pete Watkins
22-Feb-2006, 00:10
I am keen to venture into 8 X 10 and 11 x 14 portraiture and I already have a 16" Woolensak Vitax and a 14" Cooke Aviar. I have recently been offered a 19"? B & L Zeiss Tessar series LC lens. The lens covers 8 x 10 and is f4.5 to f45. There is a slight scratch on the front element. I have been asked to make the seller an offer but I have no idea how much to offer. The other point to consider is will this lens compliment the two lenses that I already own. I have LUC and Packards to fit these lenses so that is not a problem. PETE.

Peter Galea
22-Feb-2006, 06:00
A quick check on ebay shows 19" artars in barrels going for $100-200. The $200 was a red dot.
I hate when sellers say "make me an offer". You know they have a number in mind for which they will sell the item.
They want to see if they can get you to pay more than what they have in mind. When you offer what the thing is actually worth, many times they get insulted.
I'd offer them $75. it you don't get it keeep searching.
BTW: for portraits on 8x10 I like the 24" artar.

Jim Galli
22-Feb-2006, 09:42
Pete, I bought one recently for well under $100 US. It's nearly as bulky as the big Vitax and not nearly as interesting for portraits IMHO. Plus if you want a full head you really begin to need a LOT of bellows with the 19" $75US is a good fair offer. Especially if it isn't coated. It would give nice even silky smooth but not cutting sharpness across the plate with very shallow depth at f4.5. Different than the Vitax.

Pete Watkins
22-Feb-2006, 11:29
Thank you both for your helpful advice. I've got plenty of bellows. I use a 27" Cooke at times, what a lens, so I'll offer $75 and see where we get. Something between the softness of the Vitax and the sharpness of the Aviar would be nice. PETE