View Full Version : Kodak e6 replenishing - How to?

paul stimac
20-Feb-2006, 22:58
I have lots of e6 Kodak chemistry that came with a used Jobo Atl2500 that I recently bought. I've mixed everything up and ran some tests and my transparencies look fine. However, at this point Iím using the chemicals as one-shot because I donít understand how to take advantage of the replenishing aspect of this chemistry.

Could someone kindly explain how I go about it? Can I add replenisher to used chemistry from all steps then re-use it? And if so how do I figure out how much to add. How do I know when the chemistry is so bad that I have to re-mix from scratch again or will it never go bad?

Any response appreciated,

Philippe Debeerst
21-Feb-2006, 04:04
Dear Paul,

As the Jobo is an rotation machine, it is best to use the products as an one shot process.
Due to the rotation a lot of air (= oxigen) is 'mixed' with the products, so there is an consererable oxidation.
I sugest you use the 5 liter 'kodak single use chemistry kit for E-6 processing' (U.S. version CAT 107 7643 or URO version CAT 523 6763).
This kit is developed specialy for the rotation mashines like the JOBO or the Colenta witsh I use.
For further info look at the Kodak website for the kodak publications nr Z-119 and J- 83 and Z-7, these are free downloads.
Replenishing is not my cup of tea...


P.S. Sorry for my pigeon English