View Full Version : Good News! LF film availability

Tim Hyde
20-Feb-2006, 13:27
Megapearls Webshop in Japan (http://www.unicircuits.com/shop/) has a supply of Acros 100 in 8x10 and Velvia (both 100 and 50) in 5x7. I just ordered a supply, and I must say that Dirk Rosler could not be more helpful. I have been unable to find either before. In fact, a Fuji rep recently told me that neither was available at all. I still can't find the Across in 5x7, but I can cut it down as Tuan explains in his 5x7 article. Prices are pretty reasonable, exchange rates are good right now, and shipping is quite inexpensive. It takes Dirk a few days to fulfill the order but still...life goes on.

Amund BLix Aaeng
20-Feb-2006, 15:29
As I hinted on APUG, this is old news.

David Luttmann
20-Feb-2006, 15:39
I guess you didn't hint it here!