View Full Version : Nikkor 1200 T, any experience?

Bill Glickman
26-Feb-2000, 19:10
I am considering the Nikkor 1200 T. However, I have heard very mixed reviews. The lens tests performed by C Perez shows the Nikor 800 T to perform poorly in r esolution test. (This tends to be true with must teles vs. non teles of the sam e fl, that's one of the trade offs for the Tele's reduced extension) I would as sume the 1200 T would perform the same or slightly worse, but not better. at 40 lpmm to film, it would suffice on 8x10, but I had planned to use it on 4x5 more often. I am also concerned about camera shake with 775mm of extension and such a long focal lenght... I can not find this lens at rental houses to test. Any input would be very helpful. thank you...

Stpephen Willlard
29-Feb-2000, 16:13
Mamameea.... I use the Nikkor T 720mm and my yeilds are about 50%. Camera vibration is a biggy. Depth of focus is another. I always shoot at f64. If you talk with a Nikon representative he will tell you the lenses are optiomize for infinity. Any thing shorter or longer than that will be soft. When I get everything right I have found the lens to be razor sharp. To be truthful with you Bill I would say using the 1200mm lens is beyond my abilities. Good luck!