View Full Version : Plaubel Anticomar f 4.2 210 mm any good ?

Rob Hale
19-Feb-2006, 16:50
I have run across a Plaubel Anticomar f 4.2 210 mm and I am wondering if any one has used or tested one ? I am assuming it is not coated.



Thomas Vaehrmann
19-Feb-2006, 23:55
Hi Rob,

the Anticomar is a Tessar-clone and tweaked a little bit faster. The 210mm comes in a Compound III shutter which can be used for other lenses. I think the LF-lenses from Plaubel where made after the war and are coated. The glas of the front element is soft and usually scratched like Leitz Summar-lenses. Once I had such an 150mm Anticomar which I'didn't liked that much. So I sold it as I am not short of lenses in that range. If your's is a bargin grab it for the shutter and try it out!