View Full Version : 8x10 Polaroid negatives alone, worthless?

Howard Berg
18-Feb-2006, 12:04
Please pardon me if the answer to this question is obvious, but is there any use for 8x10 Polaroid negatives (without the positives) in producing images? Reason I ask is that sometimes on the auction site there are offered Polaroid 804 or 803 negatives only. Does this require separately purchasing the positives? Does any one have an idea of how the negatives might be processed using dark room chemistry, in the absence of a positive?

18-Feb-2006, 12:21
The guys you see selling the positives or negatives only on ebay are scumbags who are hoping you don't read the ads too closely and jump the gun and use the "Buy It Now" feature. They are using the cross-process polaroid process where you take the 809 negative and the 804 or 803 positive and sandwich them together, thereby rendering the 809 positive and the black and white negatives useless. If you read their feedback, they have a lot of "I should have read the posting more closely" type feedback. The sellers know what they have is useless.


18-Feb-2006, 22:40
It worked on me. I saw the picture of the box, didn't notice the two words 'negatives only' buried in the description, and got taken. 90 bux down the drain.

Good for you, being more careful than I.