View Full Version : 150mm Computar and 4x10 questions

David Eisenlord (Ike)
15-Feb-2006, 07:57
I've recently taken the plunge into 4x10 w/ a Wisner modified for the Canham holders. I have a couple of questions that the long and skinny crowd might be able to help with.

I picked up a 150mm Computar; the filter thread is male on the outside of the front of the lens cell. Is this normal? Are there adapters available?

The 150mm is mounted in an ancient Prontor Press, one with the shutter speed selected by a small thumbwheel mounted on the front of the shutter. The shutter appears in good shape and weighs almost nothing, are these old shutters reliable? I hate to have it break on an extended trip.

What do people use for lens shades, I have a 120mm and the 150mm that seem problematic. Would a compendium be of any use?

Thanks ahead of time

Jim Galli
15-Feb-2006, 09:50
Dave, I have it's brother the 210 which I think may be in the exact same barrel housing. Anyway, my solution while not the most elegant, was to remove the glass from an ordinary 49mm filter, then slide that empty housing in from the back. Sleeve it over the 150's barrel from the shutter side. If you get lucky it will be a tight fit and the 49mm thread will reach out beyond that funky male thread. The male thread was for a very nice lens shade that your 150 started it's life with. I had one of those funky Ibsor shutters once and it was incredibly accurate according to my Calumet tester. I wouldn't change it if it's working well. ANY shutter can break down at the least convenient time.

David Eisenlord (Ike)
15-Feb-2006, 20:50
Jim, thanks for the idea, I probably have an old filter somewhere.