View Full Version : Sinar Sinaron 90mm f6.8 center filter

14-Feb-2006, 19:55
I was thinking of purchasing a Sinar Sinaron 90mm f6.9 lens with copal shutter. I was wondering if this lens would require a center filter. It would be used mainly for landscapes and I don't think I'd need to make extreme use of movements if that makes a differences. If such a filter is needed what kind of cost would I be looking at. Thanks.

Juergen Sattler
14-Feb-2006, 19:58
I shoot landscapes and use a 90mm Rodenstock f6.8 and have never felt the need for a center filter. I would try it without a Center Filter first and worry about it when/should the need arise.

Alan Davenport
14-Feb-2006, 20:58
Center filters are outrageously expensive IMO. The good news, is that many (probably most, and I count myself among them) people don't feel the need for a center filter for a 90mm lens on 4x5 film.

Brian Vuillemenot
15-Feb-2006, 12:06
I've been happy using a 75 without a center filter, so you definately don't need one for a 90.

Bob Salomon
15-Feb-2006, 13:17
Try it.

Whether someone needs a center filter depends on many things. These include the type of subjects you shoot, the type of film you use, the type of lighting you shoot in, the movements you use, the type of movements your camera has and your own preferences. You can also correct the falloff in the darkroom while printing by burning and dodging. You can correct the fall off indoors by overlighting the edges where fall off occurs.

Some people like the look of the fall off as a "wide angle" look.

Do you personally need the center filter?

No one can answer that but you. Go shoot a bit and see.

The center filter from Rodenstock (th manufacturer of your lens) is 170002 and retails for about $400.00. You can also use the Heliopan 67mm center filter. It sells for less and is equally effective on that lens.