View Full Version : anyone looking for Plus-X in Canada?

tim atherton
14-Feb-2006, 18:04
Because I think I saw a 100 sheet box of outdate 4x5 at my local store...

(I don't want to get it and then find I like it!)

I'm 99% sure that's what it was.

15-Feb-2006, 08:38
Ahhh, there are days that I wish Los Angeles was in Canada. Nobody in Canada wishes this, of course. You're lucky to still find 4x5 Plus-X!

Dominique Labrosse
15-Feb-2006, 08:57

Where is your local store? I thought you lived in the North?

Don Wallace
16-Feb-2006, 08:56
What the hell, I will go for it. Tim, get in touch with me.