View Full Version : 500 mm lens for 4x5. Tilt possibility required?

Paul Schilliger
26-Feb-2000, 05:35
Still searching for a long lens for my Linhof Tech V with 440 mm bellows, I am n ow hesitating between the Fujinon C 450 and a Congo Tele 500 mm. The Fujinon ha s ample coverage even for 8x10, is knowingly sharp, tiny and light but would hav e to be mounted on a 8-10 cm extension tube. The Congo is a light 500 g Tessar t ype multicoated 500 mm f 9.5 tele on Copal 1 with only 290 mm bellows extension. The price is fair for that kind of lens ($ 682) BUT it has only 160 mm image ci rcle at f16 (contrairly to the 210 mm mentioned on a retailer web site, which co ncerned an earlier Osaka version mounted on Copal 3) giving no possibility for l ens tilt. Considering mainly landscape photography, I wonder If you, experimente d users, could help me make the right choice? Thanks!

William Marderness
26-Feb-2000, 10:36
I have used movements (mostly tilt and rise) all the time with my Fujinon 450mm for landscape photography, so I think movements are very important. I would not buy a lens with such limited coverage as the Congo, but I don't need to use an extention with the Fujinon. I don't know if extentions are troublesome to use.

26-Feb-2000, 13:59
Paul,Check out the Fuginon 400T.It will fit and function very well on your Linhof.Suggest you call Jeff at Badger Graphic for a new one,or check with Midwest Photo for a used one. Pass on that Congo.It is not fit to use with a Linhof.The Fuginon 450C will stretch your bellows and limit your front standard movements.Hope this helps.