View Full Version : Slight color cast with Forte paper in Dektol

brian steinberger
13-Feb-2006, 17:20
I'm trying out some new papers. I printed on some Forte NB fiber paper last night. I used Dektol diluted 1:3. The prints look ok, but there is a slight greenish color to them. Is that due to the 1:3 dilution of dektol? Or is dektol a warm tone developer? Is there a developer that would produce more cold, black tones on the Forte paper?

13-Feb-2006, 17:49
i'd expect a greenish cast with most developers. papers like that come into their own with toning. if you're looking for cold, try selenium. probably a weaker dilution than you're used to ... forte is very reactive.

Al D
13-Feb-2006, 20:45
I used Forte Polygrade V FB (and the identical re-branded Arista.EDU Hungary VC FB) almost exclusively. It is very susceptible to color casts in different developers. Dektol will definitely impart a greenish cast to the mids while a PQ developer with BZT as a restrainer (e.g. Sprint QuickPrint) will impart very blue shadows.

About 30-45 seconds in KRST 1:10 will remove the greenish cast although it will tend to go aubergine shortly thereafter as it tones very readily.

MIke Sherck
14-Feb-2006, 06:47
I haven't seen a greenish cast with Dektol at 1:2. Those papers which do have such a color seem to lose it after toning in Selenium.