View Full Version : 150 Apo Sironar S

Andre Noble
13-Feb-2006, 11:23
Just got one, and tested it. Extremely Sharp. However, slight but visible barrel distortion. More than my Nikkor SW 90 f8 lens. I can see why landscapers rave about this lens. May be a slight problem for architecture. Any professional architectural photographers out there who use this lens?

I already love the sharpness of this lens. Can't wait to see how color transparencies come out with it.

David A. Goldfarb
13-Feb-2006, 13:36
Barrel/pincushion distortion can sometimes vary with subject distance. Have you tested it at different distances?

Andre Noble
13-Feb-2006, 15:13
No David I tested only short subject distance of approximately ten meters (or even less).