View Full Version : Food stamps for film redemtion program

Marvin Proudfoot
26-Feb-2000, 03:14
Say, any of you out there hear of a program, a co-operative effort between the U SDA and the Kodak Corporation, where us poor folk can trade in food stamps for K odak sheet film?

It's gittin tougher all the time to keep film in my Hobo 8x10 AND feed my eight young-uns, pay child support (when I can), buy lottery tickets, smokes, and Nigh t Train, One of my wimin friends has an angle on food stamps and we can get all we want.

Is this program really out there, or is my parole officer gist pulling my leg?

Much obliged,


26-Feb-2000, 09:35
Thanks a lot Marvin. You done put it on the Interner and ruined it for the rest ov us.

Alec Jones
27-Feb-2000, 22:25
If I didn't know better, I'd think they're headed straight for digital.

I am wrong, aren't I?

28-Feb-2000, 15:33
Marvin Bruvah,

Tah hell wif these whiteys they'll jes' lie about it anyway....hey man are you going to Red Earth this year? I'll meet ya and we'll git silly and chase white wimmens. We'll get refused entrance to all the strip joints...go to jail and get the death penalty for improper lane changes.

yer gut-eatin' okie cuz'