View Full Version : Looking for 270mm f9 G-Claron

David Hempenstall
13-Feb-2006, 02:46

I've been in contact with MPEX and a few others trying to find a 270mm G-Claron in shutter with no luck.

Does anyone know of one floating about looking for a new owner?


Steve Hamley
13-Feb-2006, 05:59

Kerry Thalmann has a thread over on APUG where he says he should be getting or has received, some new old stock 270mm G-Claron cells. They are a direct fit into a Copal 1, so other than the shutter all you'd need is an aperture scale to end up with a new lens.


It's a nice focal length. I have one and it's a keeper.


Diane Maher
13-Feb-2006, 06:32
Kerry has not posted them for sale yet. I believe that there was a problem with some sort of haze on the ones he received. I was also looking for one.

Steve Hamley
13-Feb-2006, 07:33

I bought mine in shutter from Jim and it had some internal haze too, although being a late black-shutter lens. Some of even the "latest" generation lenses are decades old - I think we tend to forget that. If you want to use old glass and shutters (and I do), CLAs are a part of life. I had mine cleaned and have no regrets.

Of course, it's better you get lenses without haze, but sometimes you can't.


Steven Barall
13-Feb-2006, 09:45
There is one for sale at Calumet in NYC. Call them today at 212-989-8500.

Christopher Perez
13-Feb-2006, 10:45
Kerry was also offering 240mm Germinar W f/9 lenses. The 240mm is a little shorter than you asked about. But they are what Schneider should/could have done to their GClarons: multi-coated. And they are very sharp (if not a little rare).

Kerry may have a few of the 240mm focal length Germinar W's left. It'd be worth checking with him if you're interested.

David Hempenstall
13-Feb-2006, 12:25
Thanks everyone,

I grabbed the lens from Calumet.

Much appreciated,