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Hening Bettermann
12-Feb-2006, 14:35

Synchro Compurs #0 lost 30 gr in weight when they lost the "Synchro"-prefix and changed colour from chrome to black. My chrome Compur #1 weighs 210 gr. I have seen them in all-black and even i a different design, also all black but with other changes as well, I think something like an additional f-stop scale on the face or something. Would anybody know if these #1 Compurs also have lost weight at some point during other design changes?

Just back from a ski tour - and VERY weight-conscious...

Kerry L. Thalmann
12-Feb-2006, 14:50

As someone else who obsesses about weight, I feel your pain (literally). Unfortunately, I don't have any newer Compur No. 1 shutters on hand to weigh. It does seem a bit strange that the No. 1 Compur shutters are considerably heavier than a standard Copal No. 1 (160g). Yet, late Compur 0 shutters are much lighter than their Copal No. 0 equivalents (85g vs. 115g). So, Compur 1 = HEAVY and Compur 0 = LIGHT. The only reason I can think of for this is that the Compur 1 shutters must use a lot of steel and brass in their construction while the Compur 0 uses a lot of aluminum.

If you want a REALLY light No. 1 shutter, look at the Copal Press No. 1. They weigh 115g - the same as a standard Copal No. 0. So, you get a No. 1 shutter for the same weight as a No. 0. Over the past year, I have mounted several compact lenses (150mm and 210mm Graphic Kowas, 240mm Germinar-W and 300mm APO Germinar) in Copal Press No. 1 shutters. It's amazing just how light these lenses are (and how much the cover - I'm using them all on 4x10).


Hening Bettermann
12-Feb-2006, 18:02
Hi Kerry

thank you very much for your fast answer.
Before I posted my above question, I searched the archive and found your posting about the Copal Press shutters. Unfortunately, as I also mentioned in a thread about lightweigth 210 mm lenses, I can not get happy with 1/125 second as the shortest shutter speed.
A different aspect: I have just received information from a very competent source, that Compur shutters are much hardier and better built than Copals. Copals, the newer ones in particular (!), are said to have a problem with their blades, these can fall out of place when bumped. (Has anybody ever experienced this?)

Kind regards -

Hening Bettermann
29-Mar-2006, 11:01
I have now acquired an old Symmar 150 in a black Compur #1 (without additional f-stop scales on the front). The shutter weighs 198 gr on my crude postal weight. Today, i weigh my Chrome Compur #1 to 195 gr on the same weight. So my measuring precision that bad.

Kind regards -