View Full Version : cheaper polariod on 8x10"

Antonio Corcuera
11-Feb-2006, 12:34
a nice idea for shooting with a Polaroid 545 holder on 8x10"
copy & paste http://tinyurl.com/86jj3

Donald Qualls
11-Feb-2006, 13:38
Any ordinary reducing back should accept a 545.

David G. Gagnon
11-Feb-2006, 13:58
"Any ordinary reducing back should accept a 545"

True enough, but if the seller made it carefully, you should not only be able to check exposure with the 8x10 back on the camera, but check the focus in that part of the (8x10) frame as well. I don't imagine many 4x5 reducing backs actually will match the same focus as the 8x10 back. I know mine don't and and my previous cameras never did either. This looks like a great idea if the film plane ends up in the same place.

And no, I'm not the seller, nor do I have any affiliation with him.