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11-Feb-2006, 09:52
I'm trying to standardize my film and developer for a while. I use FP4+ and HP5+, and would like to use HC-110 for now because its cheap and easy and available locally. However, in my HP5+ tests so far I get EI <200 (dont know how low cuz I didnt test lower, but I can infer from my results at 200 that it will probably be about 160), using dilution "H"(half of B), and I'd prefer to keep it at 200 at least . I havent tried dilution B yet although thats next on my agenda, because I'm concerned about short developing times. Any suggestions, or will I just not get 200 out of this combo without short developing times?

11-Feb-2006, 12:20
...or am I likely to end up with developing times significantly longer than the 5 minutes recommended for Dil B, once I get to that stage?

Ron Marshall
11-Feb-2006, 12:59
How are you developing, rotary or tank? I previously used HC-110 with FP4+ in a tank and achieved a speed of 125. I was very happy with the negatives. But when I switched to a Jobo the negs were signifigantly more grainy and my film speed went to 250. So I switched to D76, which I am very happy with. I will use HC-110 only for stand-dev in the future.

11-Feb-2006, 13:11
I use trays, agitate 2x/minute. I already tested FP4 and I'm ok there (EI 80, less than I hoped but about what I expected). Its the HP5 that I'd like to bump up a notch if I can

Ron Marshall
11-Feb-2006, 15:07
The only thing I can suggest, is what you mentioned, try a lower dilution. Let us know how that goes.

12-Feb-2006, 08:10

After quite a few tests, I now shoot HP5+ in 120 at around 320 and develop in HC-110, Dil H, 9.5 min @24 C in a Jobo Processor at continuous agitation. I agitate at max speed for about 30 secs, then turn down to about 4. I do give a 30-45 sec prewash, usually. Haven't tried sheetfilm yet, but I wouldn't expect too much deviation.

Sometimes, if there is loads of contrast, I might shoot at 240 or so and add about an extra 30-40 ml of water. Probably not the best route, but it works :) HC-110 seems pretty linear in activity/dilution. Cutting dev time would work as well (or better).

Don Wallace
13-Feb-2006, 07:25
I develop HP5 in HC-110 at dilutions E and F in a Jobo. I mix directly from syrup. I used to use dilution B in trays but with the Jobo, the times were very short, less than 5 minutes, so I increased the dilution to get longer development times. My EI is 250.

13-Feb-2006, 07:35
Do you get 250 in trays with Dil B?

13-Feb-2006, 14:22
Nyah-nevermind, the times would be too short for me too. I think I'll try 1:40 from syrup and see if I can get 200 and times of 6 minutes or more before I give up on this combo completely.