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Tracy Storer
10-Feb-2006, 13:24
About Polaroid "T805" Pos/Neg

A couple times in the last decade Polaroid has explored the idea of an 8x10 version of their Positive Negative film. Every time the topic comes up on the forum everyone says they would buy it.

With the recent Kodak and Ilford ULF orders being spearheaded by outside people I can't help wondering if it's time to run this by Polaroid again? Why don't we see what kind of interest we can generate within Polaroid to give this another shot? (I don't work for Polaroid, but still know a couple people that do.)

Everyone interested, please weigh in here, or contact me directly through the contact link on my website:
click_here (http://www.mammothcamera.com/contact.html)
Tracy Storer

Steve Hamley
10-Feb-2006, 13:35

Still interested - I'd buy some.


John O'Connell
10-Feb-2006, 13:37
I, for one, would definitely get into 8x10 polaroid in order to use a Pos/Neg material. I've been toying around with the idea for years, but I'd imagine I'd be good for 40-50 sheets initially.

It might be good to work out a network of people with 8x10 processors in various local areas willing to shoot together or lend equipment to encourage sales, as 8x10 processors were expensive the last time I priced them.

tim atherton
10-Feb-2006, 13:52
I'd be interested - on a failry moderate scale at least

Walt Calahan
10-Feb-2006, 14:00
I'm up for it.

Love Type 55!

Ralph Barker
10-Feb-2006, 14:12
I, too, would be interested - depending on price, of course.

Jonathan Brewer
10-Feb-2006, 14:21
I'd purchase whatever I can get in the $400-$500 range and I also have the 8x10 Polaroid processor, I can't see what's holding Polaroid up, a big usable negative right on the spot, they'll sell more of this than they realize.

Is there a way to ask these folks just what the threshold amount would be to get this into production? Just exactly what would it take to get this going, if there's a target amount, and if one of the lawyers around here can come up with how to set up an account for people to pledge hard cash to show Polaroid the money's actually there, showing this is serious, I'll send the money I've mentioned to start this going.

Ed Burlew
10-Feb-2006, 16:44
Yep, I would be a customer for the P/N Polariod, great idea!

Frank Petronio
10-Feb-2006, 17:07
It'd be wonderful stuff but man-o-chev-itz it will be $$$

Henry Ambrose
10-Feb-2006, 17:42
If they could make it work in the back like 4x5 I'd buy some. I am not interested in using a separate processor.

10-Feb-2006, 18:40
I would be in for quite a few boxes, although I estimate the cost per 15 sheet box would be over 250 bucks.....

Tracy Storer
10-Feb-2006, 18:40
Thanks for the responses so far, I'll be interested how far this goes.
and just for clarification:

Frank- I don't think it would have to be more or much more than T804 and T809 and especially with an instant neg, it is what it is. (an instant 8"x10" neg)

Henry-I don't think that'll happen- this will be using the existing, established processing system.


Tracy Storer
10-Feb-2006, 19:03
Glad to know you're interested. I think it's best not to speculate and possibly scare others off. I think your guess is high, based on comparing T59/T55 and the price of T809. As I posted above, (We were typing at the same time)I wouldn't expect it to be much more than T809. Again, none of us is working at Polaroid, so we just don't know.
Thanks again.

Jonathan Brewer
10-Feb-2006, 19:08
Tracy.................what about my idea of contacting these folks directly, maybe Bill Jefferson? Asking polaroid directly as to what it would take to make a run of this stuff, which will let them know we're serious, and at the same time, they can let us know if there's a serious chance of doing this.

Tracy Storer
10-Feb-2006, 19:12
it is a very good idea...I will pursue it.

mark mccarty
10-Feb-2006, 19:54
Count me in for as long as it's made.

10-Feb-2006, 21:31
I'm still waiting and would deffinitely buy it _when_ it comes out!

Juergen Sattler
10-Feb-2006, 21:34
I'm in as well.

11-Feb-2006, 20:47

I wasn't trying to be a buzzkill about the project. But since boxes of their regular 8x10 film are now way over 200 bucks (I paid $235 for a box of 809 yesterday at Calumet), I can't believe that a special order film would be cheaper!


11-Feb-2006, 21:01
Plus, I'm sorry for spelling your name incorrectly,Tracy!!

Tracy Storer
11-Feb-2006, 21:07
Hey Morgan,
I haven't bought 809 in awhile, I had looked at B+H and saw $174.95 for 809.....if it's going for $225 or there abouts you were probably right about $250 after all. We'll just have to see how far we can go with this...Iwas just trying to keep on message....you know how far off track posts can go! Best, Tracy

11-Feb-2006, 22:56
I was just speaking with someone in the Polaroid Creative department yesterday about Type 55, as I use it extensively. When speaking about T55 she sighed and her exact words were that she "just wished that there were more of us using it".

Doesn't give me a lot of hope, but I'd absolutely buy some if it were available.

Sanders McNew
15-Feb-2006, 13:39
Honestly, isn't this a pipe dream? Polaroid has had this product developed for years. I saw an 8x10 Polaroid negative at the Polaroid booth at PhotoPlus Expo a couple of years ago. And I spoke at length with the Polaroid product manager there. He said that the company had toyed with the idea of putting it into production, but never thought it could recoup its costs if it did.

That was two years ago. Polaroid has since gone through a major restructuring. The fellow I spoke with, who was the product's in-house cheerleader, was laid off as part of the restructuring. Their product line is shrinking, including the end of the Type 665 line. Film sales generally are spiraling downward at a faster clip than anyone imagined. The new Polaroid is selling TV sets.

Gosh, I wish Polaroid would surprise us all and come out with a product like this. But I fear it is more likely that Kodak will end production of TXP in 4x5 and 5x7, before Polaroid ever brings a new P/N film of any size to market. :-(

Sanders McNew (www.mcnew.net)