View Full Version : Filter for Schneider Super Angulon 165mm

Mikael Tran
10-Feb-2006, 12:41
Can anyone tell me what is the filter thread size for a Schneider Super Angulon 165mm f8? Is it 105 or 110mm? If it is 110mm, does anyone know where i could get a used or new 110mm Kaesemann polarizer filter? B+H Photo doesn't have it on their website. Thanks in advance for your kind help.

tim atherton
10-Feb-2006, 13:26
which version do you have? see below




Mikael Tran
11-Feb-2006, 00:25
Thanks for the prompt reply; i have the late 165mm super angulon, and i do believe it's a 110mm front filter thread. I am having a hard time to locate a filter of that size. As for the rear filter thread, i believe it is 95mm. However, when i attached the 95mm filter to the rear element, it didn't fit or wouldn't mount on at all. It looks as if the thread is slightly finer than the current B+W 95mm filter thread. Do you know anything about this? Thanks!

Bob Salomon
11-Feb-2006, 05:30
Heliopan makes the following size linear polarizers.

105 x 1 $393.00;
112 x 1 $636.00;
112 x 1.5 $636.00;
120 x 1 $751.00;
122 x 1 $762.00

They can also make an adapter ring if the thread is 110mm x? pitch to any of the threads larger then 110mm. This would be recommended to keep vignetting to a minimum wit a wide angle optic.

A custom ring from 110mm would be;

110 mm - 130 mm $311.00

All prices are list and dealers would discount from these prices.