View Full Version : Film with, chicken pox?

Jim Rhoades
8-Feb-2006, 19:31
I just developed 4 sheets of film. 2, 4x5 and 2, 5x7's. Dip & dunk in tanks, D-76 1+1. The 5x7 was newer TXP. The 4x5 was TXT. My 4x5's have about a thousand little bumps on the emulsion side. They had been sitting in the holders for quite some time. The 5x7's are perfect, smooth and blemish free. The 4x5's exposed under the same conditions with the same exposures look just like the 5x7's as far as density is conserned. Nothing different but the bumps. What do you think? To much heat? To long in the holders? What does old film that's gone bad look like? The loaded holders were stored under cool conditions. What's really weird is I did some lens tests this past weekend with film holders from the same case with no problems.

Sorry, no scanner.

Christopher Keth
8-Feb-2006, 21:28
Film that has gone bad does nothing more than get slower over time. Perhaps this film was victim to condensation?

Joe Smigiel
9-Feb-2006, 08:11
Any chance the stop bath was too strong and formed CO2 eruptions in the emulsion of the one film? Perhaps the film emulsions are different thicknesses and one is more prone to such things. Just speculating...

Eric Wagner
9-Feb-2006, 09:19
I have left film in holders until it fogs with age, but have never experienced the problem you describe. I can visualize the emulsion swelling if water droplets or mist contacted the dry film but would expect the surface to be smooth when dry.