View Full Version : Variable adapter for a filter holder

Masayoshi Hayashi
5-Jan-2000, 18:09
Today, I was talking with Steve Grimes and asked him if he could make a variable adapter for LEE holders. He said it's very difficult and not an easy answer because of centering and filter alignment parallel to the lens. I own bot h normal foundation kit and foundation kit 100mm (FK100) but the cost of adapter s are expensive and different filter/snap-on diameters vary so much. I believe a nyone who uses a big lens, let's say >95mm has headache to mount filters (esp. N D grads) in front of the lens w/o vignetting (sure it depends on which format I use; I intend to move up to 8x10 or larger in futue). Next semester, I'm taking a machine shop course and planning to challenge to this variable adapter. I woul d like to hear some ideas you may have about how best the adapter should be vari ed (the most difficult part). I came up with a few ideas such as springs on the inner edge of the holder. I appreciate your creative inputs. It would be great i f I could make a successful variable adapter!

BTW, the current lenses with push-on diameter 100mm (for FK100) are: <ul> <li>Schneider Super Angulon 72XL <li>Schneider Super Angulon 90XL <li>Schneider Super Symmar 150XL </ul> Does anybody know any other lenses with push-on diameter 100mm? Nikon seems to o ffer some W lenses with 100mm. But I can't find push-on diameters for Nikons.

Ellis Vener
5-Jan-2000, 21:31
Sinar makes or made variable diameter adapters for theit 100mm and 125mm filter s, if so i wonder if Mr. Grimes could modify one of those for your Lee holder. Or alternatively you could just switch over to the Sinar 125mm filters.